Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pirateers Flash Review

Arrr! Everyone's thought about a life of piracy. This new flash game from Armor Games gives us all that chance.

Pirateers is a top-down shooter where you take control of a pirate ship, seeking out the ancient treasure known as Neptune's Eye. The game involves some great naval combat, humorous dialogue, and an impressive amount of metagame in the form of upgrades.

The controls are simple and easy to get the hang of, requiring just arrow keys for navigation and spacebar to launch glorious broadside cannon attacks.

Everything is well-drawn, with heaps of explosions and great sound effects. Gameplay is smooth, and I couldn't find any bugs or glitches.

The music is piratey. Very piratey. Arr, piratey.

This is a great game, which will suck away hours at a time. It gets my recommendation, for sure.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cogs of War Flash Review

I've got a movie review for you today. This one is JohnnyUtah's parody of Gears of War 2.

Cogs of War 2

I've you've even played a second of any Gears of War game, you'll get it right away - you never REALLY know what's going one. It's really capped off my JohhnyUtah's impeccable artistic skills, animations that are totally good enough for the situation, and some truly excellent voice acting.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Snail Bob 2 Flash Review

Time for a pretty laid-back puzzler today. Again, this content is so fresh it hasn't even passed judgement yet - but I have no doubt it will.

Snail Bob 2

This premise of this game is simple enough - get Bob the snail to the exit. You have to click on various things at various times to get Bob around the various hazards.

The game is well-drawn and well-animated. I couldn't find any glitches, and everything looks good and runs smoothly.

The game was overall pretty easy - None of the puzzles are hugely difficult, and the whole game can be completed in a few minutes.

That said, it was a good bit of fun, and it didn't give me any heartache with the execution.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Parabirds Flash Review

"Defense" would have to be one of my favourite genres of flash game. Today I'm reviewing a brand-new defense-style game, so fresh that it's still up for judgement as I'm writing this. I have no doubt whatsoever that it'll pass, though.


In Parabirds, you basically take control of an anti-air gun manned by a pair of beavers and shoot at ducks, who try to drop ducklings with parachutes. It sounds fairly simple and almost a little stupid, but this game has been perfectly executed..

The art is all aces, and the animations are as smooth as you could possibly ask for. It's got a lot of little things covered, too, like ducklings that are hit will droop in their parachute, or if the parachute is it, it tears and the duckling falls to the ground.

The controls are wonderful, too. They've even included a stroke of realism by having the turret rotate at a reasonable speed, and thus have to catch up to the mouse, and they've managed to use a wonderful extra targeting reticle to demonstrate.

They've also included an upgrades system, allowing you to upgrade your cannon's rotation speed, rate of fire, and the velocity of the shells.

I'd put this is as possibly today's best game submission, and definitely a worthy addition to the flash community as a whole.

Pokemon But With Animals Flash Review

This animation proves that a flash can still be excellent without necessarily having excellent drawing or animation.

Pokemon But With Animals explores how Pokemon would have gone if it had been given a much more real-world perspective.

Add an obscene level of satire, and this flash is an absolute hoot. The artwork is pretty awful and the animation rudimentary, but that often adds to the overall humour of the movie.

It draws its material from both the games and the series.

A sequel has been uploaded if you enjoyed it.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Name that Pokemon Flash Review

I'll start off by apologising for last week - the HTML didn't work out. I HAD included the link, but it didn't show up in the post. It's fixed if you're interested.

Now, onto another review. This time I'm reviewing some fresh content, still on the NG front page.

Name That Pokemon

So, the basic idea of this game is to name 15 Pokemon from the original 150. The quicker you type in the name, the more bonus points you get. There's medals available (if you're into that sort of thing), as well as in-game achievements.

I enjoyed this game, but that may just be because I know all the answers, and I can type kinda quickly. It always makes a game feel better if you're not shit at it.

The pictures are all official pictures, no fan-drawn shit, so it's fairly easy to tell which Pokemon it is, leaving the challenges to remembering the name, and managing to clearly type the name in fast enough.

The music worked, but was a little annoying after a long session of trying to get some of the harder achievements.

Overall, a fun game if you were into Pokemon as a kid and can type okay, but may be lost on people who were never Pokemon trainers.