Monday, June 6, 2011

Parabirds Flash Review

"Defense" would have to be one of my favourite genres of flash game. Today I'm reviewing a brand-new defense-style game, so fresh that it's still up for judgement as I'm writing this. I have no doubt whatsoever that it'll pass, though.


In Parabirds, you basically take control of an anti-air gun manned by a pair of beavers and shoot at ducks, who try to drop ducklings with parachutes. It sounds fairly simple and almost a little stupid, but this game has been perfectly executed..

The art is all aces, and the animations are as smooth as you could possibly ask for. It's got a lot of little things covered, too, like ducklings that are hit will droop in their parachute, or if the parachute is it, it tears and the duckling falls to the ground.

The controls are wonderful, too. They've even included a stroke of realism by having the turret rotate at a reasonable speed, and thus have to catch up to the mouse, and they've managed to use a wonderful extra targeting reticle to demonstrate.

They've also included an upgrades system, allowing you to upgrade your cannon's rotation speed, rate of fire, and the velocity of the shells.

I'd put this is as possibly today's best game submission, and definitely a worthy addition to the flash community as a whole.


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  2. I remember this game. It's a lot of fun. :D

  3. ...pigeons are a bigger threat

  4. Turret rotation is one of the most frustrating things to get right. Too fast and its easy, too slow and its impossible.

  5. should help me pass some time :D