Friday, June 3, 2011

Name that Pokemon Flash Review

I'll start off by apologising for last week - the HTML didn't work out. I HAD included the link, but it didn't show up in the post. It's fixed if you're interested.

Now, onto another review. This time I'm reviewing some fresh content, still on the NG front page.

Name That Pokemon

So, the basic idea of this game is to name 15 Pokemon from the original 150. The quicker you type in the name, the more bonus points you get. There's medals available (if you're into that sort of thing), as well as in-game achievements.

I enjoyed this game, but that may just be because I know all the answers, and I can type kinda quickly. It always makes a game feel better if you're not shit at it.

The pictures are all official pictures, no fan-drawn shit, so it's fairly easy to tell which Pokemon it is, leaving the challenges to remembering the name, and managing to clearly type the name in fast enough.

The music worked, but was a little annoying after a long session of trying to get some of the harder achievements.

Overall, a fun game if you were into Pokemon as a kid and can type okay, but may be lost on people who were never Pokemon trainers.


  1. That dang html not working. :p

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  3. none of mine were of pokemon.... it had Peach, Boo, the T-block from tetris, etc. Is this the same game?