Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Xiao Xiao Flash Review

Ok, so here I go with my first flash review. I guess I'll steadily work out a system as I go.

For my first flash review I thought I'd go with a classic - the first Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Xiao

Ok, so it's a little bit dated. The animation is still fairly smooth, especially considering it was made over ten years ago, and has been converted to flash from another format.

The sound effects are a little naff, but the beating noises are appropriate and are timed excellently. Any yelling wasn't included in future installments, which isn't any great loss.

The big point for this video is the lagacy that it has created. Xiao Xiao continued through to 9 or 10 installments, and there have been a great many others who have attempted to match its trend-setting stickman combat style. Xiao Xiao 1 is not only an historic part of Newgrounds and the greater flash community, but it is arguably part of the history of the greater internet, as well.


  1. do you have a link to the flash?

  2. Yeah, you should include a link to the flash's that you review, if you could. :D